About Me

I am a middle school teacher who is  very serious and passionate about literacy. I currently teach enriched language arts classes for sixth and seventh graders and an English I class for 8th graders.  Our classroom Twitter and Instagram accounts are @room213wcms. I love learning new things from my students, which not surprisingly, happens every single day.

I am also a district curriculum and instructional coach and love working with others on curriculum and professional development for teachers. I’ve been a Power of the Pen coach my entire teaching career, and in 2012 was awarded the Coach of the Year award for my region. I love that Power of the Pen recognizes students for achievement in creative writing!

I love to cook and travel in my spare time. You will always, always find me with a stack of books within reach and probably an idea or two from my own best seller that I keep meaning to start. Maybe I’ll finally get to writing my own story when I get through my never ending book stacks… but I am well aware that this will never, ever happen.

I use this blog in several ways – by sharing my love of literacy, reviewing books, and connecting with others. You can also find me on Twitter (@LesleyMosher) talking about books, sports and every once in awhile, cupcakes.

Thanks for stopping by!


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