Hi! I’m new here.


So here I am. My very first blog post. Eek! I have been thinking about and planning this day for a year. “What took you so long?” you might be thinking. Honestly, I don’t know. Sure there were months of deliberating on a blog name… seriously months… and then there came figuring out what I wanted to actually put on this blog of mine. Let’s just a A LOT of thought went into the planning process for this new adventure.

Last Friday night I decided to take the plunge. To be honest, I had stopped by Caribou on the way home from the pool to buy an iced coffee to help me finish writing a final paper for a grad class. I never drink caffeine, but I was desperate to finish the paper.  Three hours after I had sent it off to my instructor, I was still wide awake not wanting to start a new book and forbidding myself to start another series on Netflix. And then things just started to happen. I found myself looking at other blogs of people I follow and admire on Twitter and signed up.

Still awake way past my bedtime, I charged ahead deliberating on themes, headings and pages. It had now been hours of trial and error at that point and I stil was so confused about what went where and how it was supposed to look. And widgets? Let’s just say we are on better terms now. Sprawled out on my bed, with an embarrassing number of tabs open, I started thinking about my students and how I give them projects when we are in the computer lab.  I then had a very sobering realization for 1:30 in the morning.

Usually these are projects with minimal typed directions and the advice of “Just get to know the program today and tomorrow I will answer questions.” I want my students to explore and make decisions on their own before we get to the real task at hand. My whole blogging adventure started with exploring and figuring things out on my own and let me tell you it was worth it. Just like I know every time I tell my students “Just be patient”, “You can make that decision”, and “Why don’t you see if you can figure that out on your own” is the best thing I can do for my students too. The pride they have at the end of making a book trailer, comic strip or book report using a Smore page is worth all of the struggles and second guessing. So here I am. I’ve slowly been working on this little blog this week and I am so happy to share it with you!

I hope you’ll come along with me on this blogging journey. I’ve got a lot of great ideas and stories to tell.