Review Policy

Dear Authors and Publishers,

I enjoy reading and reviewing middle grade and YA books and would be thrilled to do so for you! Please read my policy below before you contact me.

I will read books from all genres, as long as they are appropriate for ages 11 through 16. I am a huge fan of Sci Fi/Fantasy, Realistic Fiction, Historical Fiction and Narrative Non Fiction. I teach in a middle school setting, so any ARCs, galleys, or published books that I review will go straight into my own classroom library or to another in my building.

I will not review ebooks or self published books at this time.

Because I am a teacher with a lot of other professional duties, please understand that these come first. Let me know if there is a specific date you would like your book reviewed by, or please just assume that it will take me 3 to 4 weeks. I will post my review here, in addition to Goodreads, Amazon, and link the blog post to my twitter account.

Reviews include title, author, publisher summary and the book’s release date. I will also include what I feel the target audience is for the book, an if you like ____, you’ll like this book section, and a general summary for readers about characters and plot that includes my opinion of the book.

There is no guarantee that I will read and/or review your book once I receive it. It might not just be my thing. I will, however, be sure to find a classroom for your book and get it into the hands of readers!

Thanks for your consideration!



@lesleymosher (Twitter)

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