Literacy Loot: Harry Potter Must Haves and a Book Scented Candle!

literacy loot memeLiteracy Loot is a weekly post that features cool and unique literacy items found online and in stores for the classroom, home and even to wear! Join me in sharing your find of the week!

This week’s post features a few of my favorite Harry Potter items out there that won’t break the bank, and a very interesting candle, too. Enjoy!

harry potter mugs

This $20 Harry Potter themed mug set from KynasKreations on Etsy is great for fans of the boy who lived. Anyone up for a HP reread and some coffee in a stylish mug?

harry potter abc tote

I am obsessed with this ABC tote bag featuring so many favorites from this beloved series. Even he-who-shall-not-be-named looks almost cute! Found on Luvocracy for $18.99, this bag is a must for literacy lovers.

hp coasters

This handmade coaster set from OhGaud on Etsy is $20 and is also available in all text. This shop also has some cool looking comic book coasters that are worth checking out.

My favorite item of the week…


This candle is advertised as scented to “evoke the atmosphere of your fantasy library and the pleasure of reading”. Sounds good to me! Listed for $49 from Assouline, this candle is definitely the luxury item of the week and an interesting concept for sure.

Happy reading and shopping!

Lesley ♥

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