#LoveAThon Mini Challenge #6: LoveAThon Awards!


Mini Challenge #6: LoveAThon Awards

I am going a little rogue for our last challenge so watch out. Instead of giving awards for all of the individual categories, I’d like to recognize everyone that participated in this amazing event.


During the #loveathon I have found so many cool blogs and connected with so many awesome people that are so passionate about reading! I’ve read some beautifully written and ridiculously creative book valentines, some hilarious book boyfriend mad libs, and have seen so many spine poems that I can’t wait to share with my students! Thank you for putting yourself out there and sharing your bookish passions and giving me a glimpse into your lives. I think what I will take away from this weekend is that it’s important to connect with others and share the love. It’s nice to be recognized for blogging and I’ve really been encouraged to keep doing this thing that I love so much. I really, really needed this weekend.More than you will ever know! So special thanks to Alexa from Alexa Loves Books and Katelynn at Tales of Books and Bands for all of their hard work in putting this weekend together and to all of the bloggers who participated and made it a fabulous event! xoxo


Kind of love you

#LoveAThon Mini Challenge #5: Letter to Myself!


Mini Challenge #5: Write a Letter to Myself

For this challenge I am supposed to write a letter to my future self about this blog and where I want to see it go in the future. Kind of awkward, but I do have a vision for this blog and want to see it happen!

Dear future Lesley,

So after 8 months of blogging I have some goals and wishes for the future of Literacy Love. I’m sharing them with you in hopes that we can make them happen! Here’s what I’m thinking….


  • Write 3-4 book reviews every month.
  • Keep writing ICYMI and TTT posts at least every other week.
  • Keep trying out new weekly/monthly memes like Random Reads and Epic Recs
  • Bring back Literacy Loot posts – they are fun!


  • Don’t be so critical about your writing by deleting unfinished posts when you get stuck. Give them a few days to sit and then come back with fresh eyes to finish them.
  • Share more about what happens in the classroom on a daily basis, and not just when we do huge projects or activities.
  • Try to connect more with publishers and authors to review books.
  • Continue connecting with other teachers and book bloggers! You learn so much about blogging just by reading other blogs. Make more book blogger friends by commenting on posts too.


So nothing earth shattering here, but I really do want to make my blog into something really, really cool. I have so much fun with it but also stress out way to much while writing posts. I am my worst critic and need to get over it!

Thanks for reading!

#LoveAThon Mini Challenge #3: Mad Libs


Mini Challenge #3: Mad Libs

I tried very hard to do this randomly and in true Mad Libs style. Confession – The first thing I wrote down for “pet name” was “Rover”, thinking that it meant for an animal and not significant other. I almost left it in there…  Fun times!

One day, I was eating with Warner. Out of the blue, a bird came out of nowhere! It was so loud, stringy and silly. At first, we were afraid, we were petrified, but we swam. We hopped on our bikes.

As we escaped, we turned up the radio because Yankee Doodle came on and made me sleep. Everything was extremely smooth sailing until an orangutan appeared in the middle of the road. We swerved to avoid it, but while Warner stayed on his bike, I got thrown onto my side in the woods.

I couldn’t get up, and felt yelllow as I lay there staring up at the trees. What was I going to do? I heard a trickle among the leaves, and felt gracious. Surely, this was going to be my end. As my eyes fluttered shut, the last thing I saw was a head of blond hair and green eyes.

When I woke up again, I was on an ottoman. My body hurt a whole lot less, and I could sit up. There was a popsicle and lamp in the room, along with nachos and chai tea lattes. The door suddenly opened to reveal Levi, a concerned look on his face. I blushed and averted my gaze, but he laughed and said, “Don’t be shy. It’s okay.”

He came over to sit by me, and we started talking after I told him my name. We chatted about sang, cooked and swam and realized we had a ton in common! I thought he was pretty and couldn’t help feeling a little swoony.

Just as he reached out for my hand, the door crashed open and in came Four. “Don’t let him charm you away, my love!” He yelled, running at Levi. They each had rolling pins in their hands and began to fight. “Stop!”, I yelled, feeling so scary. They didn’t listen to me. Before I could intervene, Levi fell to the floor and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

“What was that?” I asked, staring at the empty space. Four dropped his weapon, and came over to me. “Magic, but you are safe now, darling.” He hugged me close, and I suddenly knew that this was the real deal and not just a dream.

Just as “My Love” started playing in my head, I woke up. I cursed my blue luck. Why had it only been just a dream?


#LoveAThon Mini Challenge #2: Book Valentines


Mini Challenge #2: Book Valentines

For this challenge I decided to use pre made Valentine’s Day cards instead of writing long winded, sappy love letters that would make all of us uncomfortable. Just kidding. Kind of.

First, for Cath from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, who I not only adore, but who would have been my best friend in college. Picture two besties sitting in their door room typing away at their respective keyboards. All weekend long.


Second, for Don Tillman, from The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion, who would probably turn around and give it to Rosie, which is so perfect. If you haven’t read this book, please do so immediately. Ultimate love story. Cannot wait for the movie… crossing my fingers for Bradley Cooper to be cast as Don!

stat vday card

And lastly, to my book boyfriend Warner, from The Shatter Me Series by Tahereh Mafi. I could go on and on about how much I adore him, especially from everything that happened in Ignite Me. I had a blast looking for cards that were capable of declaring my reader-to-character love in an appropriate and suitable way. Trust me, there are a lot of crazy Warner worthy cards out there, but I managed to narrow it down to two that pretty much do the job.


words can describe

This was so fun! I can’t wait to read all of the other Book Valentines out there – from the spine poetry I have read today, you all are very creative and talented!

**All cards are linked to their original sources, except for the last one, which I could not find anywhere. If you know its source, please share and I will add it. Thanks!

The 2014 Book Blogger Love-a-thon is here!


This weekend I’m participating in my first book blogger love-a-thon, which is graciously being hosted by Katelyn at Kate’s Tales of Books and Bands and Alexa at Alexa Loves Books. For the first event of the weekend I was paired up with another blogger for an interview swap, but after a series of back and forth emails, it didn’t end up working out.  So… I am going to use the questions that Katelyn and Alexa have on their blogs for my own interview with myself, which sounds really weird but let’s just go with it, ok?

How did you come up with your blog name?

True story – I have wanted to start a blog for a long, long time but couldn’t come up with a name. No really, that’s what was stopping me! Because my blog features my teaching life in addition to my book obsession, I wanted something that would work for both. Literacy Love wasn’t taken yet, so it was a perfect for me – a literacy teacher who loves books!

What genre/subject matter do you read and review most on your blog?

While I am still getting the hang of book blogging on a regular basis, I tend to read and  review mostly YA and MG books. I’ve started slowly branching out into NA  for a change of pace, but the overwhelming majority of my reading is YA. As far as genre goes, I love fantasy, science fiction and contemporary fiction.

Name the 3 books you’re excited for in 2014!


I have been dying to read this book, but haven’t gotten to it yet. I love this series!


 Another book from another series that I am obsessed with. Stephanie Perkins is a fantastic author and I love her books so much!


The Everneath Series is one of the most unique series I have ever read. The third book in the series is sitting on my bedside table and I can’t wait to see how this series ends!

Where in the world are you blogging from?

I currently live in southwest Ohio and am forever dreaming of moving to the Pacific Northwest. Someday I will make this dream a reality!

Tell us – How did you get into blogging in the first place? 

I’ve always liked to talk books. When I joined Twitter a few years ago I started following several book blogs and posting mini book reviews of my own on Goodreads. Starting my own blog was the next step. It took me awhile to start it, but I love it, and wish there were 5 more hours in a day so I could blog all the time!

Apart from reading, what other interests and hobbies do you have? 

I love to travel with my husband, be outdoors and try new recipes. I am forever scouring the internet for home design projects and cannot wait until we move later this year to our first home.

If you were stuck on a deserted island, which books would you bring with you?

I have no idea where to begin. I guess I would for sure bring two of my favorites – The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate and The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I would also bring Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me series because it is one of my favorites and I want to read it all over again.

If you were stuck in some dangerous situation (like a fire, a sinking ship, a war zone), which book boy or girl would you want to come and save you?

Another hard one! Maybe Tris from Divergent (I am taking some liberties here) or Kenji from the Shatter Me series because not only is he going to save me he is going to make me laugh and have a great time while doing it!

You’re attending a party with your friends. Suddenly, the DJ changes the song and it’s YOUR song – what song would that be?

I am the worst at answering questions like this. I have really been into Snow Patrol lately, so probably something by them. Maybe “Open Your Eyes” or anything else from their Greatest Hits CD. 

What 3 movies would you love to have your favorite author write into books, or vice versa?

I am going to go with the vice versa here – I would love to see The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo, The Heist Society series by Ally Carter, and  last, but certainly not least, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell turned into movies. I love all of these authors and books. 

shadow and bone heist societyfangirl

These were some tough questions! Thanks for reading. Let’s get this Blogger Love-a-thon started. I’m off to check out all of the other interviews!

Happy Reading!