Introducing… Literacy Loot!

literacy loot memeLiteracy Loot is a weekly post that features cool and unique literacy items found online and in stores for the classroom, home and even to wear! Join me in sharing your find of the week!

So I had an idea…

A reader’s love doesn’t just stop at books, right? We love to surround ourselves with evidence that reading is cool and shout from the tallest (ahem) bookshelf, that “WE LOVE READING!” and we’re not afraid who knows it. If you’re like me and pin, bookmark and save reading related items when browsing the internet or when shopping near and far, this post is for you. I plan to highlight 1 or 2 items a week – perhaps a literacy “steal” that is priced under $20 or a literacy “luxury” item that we can all drool over and maybe drop not-so-subtle hints about to our loved ones. Sometimes I’ll even include one of each! I hope you’ll join me in sharing some items that you’ve found along your reading journey and brought into your own classroom, reading sanctuary and life.

Literacy Loot “Steal” of the Week –


Pretty Upcycled Flower Paper Clips
from My Knapsack Dreams on

These little paperclips pack a bright and colorful punch! Aren’t they gorgeous? While advertised as wedding favors, I think they would look lovely in a book or two! The colorful cuties are 6 for $4.00. I think they are perfect for book club exchanges and end of the year school gifts. I know they would brighten my day! Click on the picture to check out this literacy loot!

Literacy “Luxury” Item of the Week


Personalized Wooden Gear Bookend
GraphicSpacesWood on

This personalized wooden gear bookend would make a great addition to any bookshelf. It is unique, classy and fully functional! This piece would be a lovely housewarming gift for a family of readers. Each wooden bookend is $55 and this shop has several more choices at different prices worth looking at – I especially like the owl and tree branch options. Click on the picture to check out this luxurious literacy loot!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s loot, and don’t forget that if you know of or find any literacy loot you think readers would enjoy, drop me a line in the comments section below. Otherwise, feel free to start your own literacy loot posts when you come across must have items for the reader in all of us! Have a great weekend!

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