It’s Summer Reading Time!



It’s officially the first day of summer break and I am so, so excited for the opportunity to unwind and recharge after what seemed like one of the longest school years in the history of school years.

I always bring home a box of books to read over the summer and this year is no exception! This time around there is a wide variety – professional development titles, books that have been sitting behind my desk waiting to go into my classroom library (I always read them first) and just for fun – The Harry Potter series! I’ve been wanting to reread it for a few years and recapture the awesomeness that I had when I read it the first time around.

While I already have a couple more titles on hold at the library and a few upcoming releases pre ordered, this will be the majority of my summer reading. I didn’t include the HP books in the pictures below, because I need to get a new copy of  The Sorcerer’s Stone and we all know what they look like anyway! Here’s a random fun fact that may make you feel old – HP#1 came out in 1997! Wow!

I’m not sure what I’ll read first, but I am going to try my hardest to get to as many as I can before August! Happy reading, everyone!





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