Thursday’s Blackout Poems


It’s Thursday and Blackout Poetry Week is in full swing! I’m here to recognize some stellar student #blackoutpoets from Twitter and Instagram! I’ll be featuring another set of poems tomorrow and Jason Stephenson will wrap things up on Saturday.

We had so many great blackout poems today that it was very tough to choose only a few.



We had a bunch of blackout poems submitted today from Mr. Pollock’s students and they were all creative and inspiring. Check out the #blackoutpoets hashtag to see them all and use them in your own classroom as stellar examples! Here are a few that really stood out. Thanks to Mr. Pollock and his student poets for participating!


Poet of the Day #1 @_spears14

photo 4

Poet of the Day #2 @FoyeNathaniel

photo 3

Poet of the Day # 3  @caroline_cox123

photo 2

Poet of the Day #4  @paigemccllellan_

photo 1


Coach Marsee’s #blackoutpoets focused on creating different moods with their blackout poems. The results were fantastic!


photo 1 (1)


photo 2 (1)

This poem was submitted by @wordsartmagic and is pretty amazing. Thank you for sharing, Gina!

photo (6)

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