Wanted: Blackout Poets

blackout poets logo

Join us for Blackout Poetry Week

April 7th -11th

Use #blackoutpoets on Twitter and Instagram

Fellow teacher and poetry enthusiast Jason Stephenson and I would like to invite all educators, students and authors to help celebrate poetry in the classroom by participating in a worldwide Blackout Poetry Event on Twitter and Instagram. You can find more information about how cool Blackout Poetry is by going here and here.  

Middle Grade Example:


Magic is gone

into the night pale white street light

dark shadows tight pull sky blue beautiful

Magic answered flung into golden whirls curls like the rest of the world

From: A Snicker of Magic, by Natalie Lloyd

We’d love to see you do a blackout poem of a page from your favorite novel, a newspaper article or something lying around your home. Students from all over the world will be participating and sharing their love of words.

Please contact @blackoutpoets, @lesleymosher and @teacherman82 for more information.


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