TTT: My Top Ten Reading (And Not Reading) Resolutions

Top Ten Tuesday

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Top Ten Reading (and Not Reading) Resolutions for 2014

Ready or not, 2014 is here! I’m usually not one for making resolutions, but I am definitely always trying to get better and be better so I do have a few things for this list. Here we go!

Reading Resolutions:

1. Read more non fiction

2. Work on my Goodreads TBR pile by participating in the “Random Reads” meme

3. Write more book reviews

4. Use the library more often

5. Meet my Goodreads goal of 140 books for 2014

Not Reading Resolutions:

1. Embrace my two words for the year: “More” and “Less”

2. Less sweets and worrying

3. More exercise, doing things I love to do, and most importantly – having fun

4. Attend at least 2 conferences this year

5. Skype with others before the end of the year

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