A little bit of everything… A Literacy Loot Smorgasbord!

literacy loot memeLiteracy Loot is a weekly post that features cool and unique literacy items found online and in stores for the classroom, home and even to wear!

This week’s post features a little bit of everything. I’ve been pinning away and favoriting on Etsy, so here’s this week’s literacy loot smorgasbord!

ABC bookend

Another cool bookend – this time from graphicspaceswood on Etsy. This wooden alphabet piece is $55 and the wall hanging alphabet linked n the description would make a great companion piece in a nursery.

real men tshirt

I’m loving this $25.00 t-shirt from Skreened. I’m sure there are many husbands out there that would agree that being married to a teacher is one wild ride!

phone cover

This $18 Penguin Books phone cover from gleeksheeksleek is pretty hilarious. This site has a lot of stuff for geeks worth checking out, like cool Harry Potter signs, a Wicked phone cover and more.

read bracelet

ALikelyStory is an Etsy store that caters to all literacy lovers! This bracelet, which uses replicas of old fashion typewriter keys is listed at $27.95, and would be a great gift for bibliophiles. The Bookish Charm Bracelet is worth checking out too!

My favorite item of the week…

fictional button

The carboncrusader store on Etsy has some really cool items, and I love this $2 button. What a fun and inexpensive gift for coworkers. I know a few students that would love to get their hands on this too!

Happy reading and shopping!

Lesley ♥

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