Literacy Loot: Signs for the Home

literacy loot memeLiteracy Loot is a weekly post that features cool and unique literacy items found online and in stores for the classroom, home and even to wear! Join me in sharing your find of the week!

Hello, literacy lovers! As you read this, I am currently out west on a family vacation probably cursing the heat and eyeing some cute cowgirl boots that will not go with anything I have back in Ohio. I didn’t want you to miss out on more fun literacy loot while I was away… so check it out!  This week’s pick would look great in the home and classroom. It’s a stylish reading declaration to the world!


Read script handmade wooden sign
from OhDierLiving on


Read handmade wooden sign
from OhDierLiving on

These classic handmade designed signs might look great on any wall in your home or classroom. What initially drew me to these pieces were the 20 different color options. Lots of choices to check out! Sunshine and Poppy look very cute! The script read sign is $38 and the regular style is $42. There are other cool items in the store, like a wooden robot and (gasp) a NERD SIGN! Need I say more?

As always, please let me know if you see literacy loot out there that you think is deserving of being featured on the blog. Until then, happy reading and shopping!

Lesley ♥

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